Do you think that the red LED glowing on your electrical equipment really means standby?

Think again!

Today’s televisions and A/V amplifiers contain complex software that determine functions such as activating a Wi-Fi connection, downloading software, updating the electronic programming guide or obtaining usage and personal data. These functions can be repeatedly occurring whilst your equipment is supposed to be in standby.

Our research established that the software inside your equipment can malfunction and stall in a high power state for indeterminate periods of time. Multiply the potential power leakage and fire risk across the clusters of equipment that forms part of your home entertainment centre or computer and you can begin to appreciate the problem.  

The Solution

The AVC014 IntelliPlug is a dedicated servant designed to isolate the mains every time you stop using your equipment and apply power when you are ready to re-engage.

Regular isolation from the mains can save energy, reduce component wear, eliminate a potential fire hazard and re-set internal software. Over 3 million users enjoy the benefits of intelliplug, the dedicated switching servant.

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