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  • Convenience, Conservation and Control
    Standby made simple with the NEW AVC014 Intelligent plug

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Clusters of electrical devices such as a home entertainment audio-visual centre, hi-fi or desktop computer peripherals are not always easy to isolate when not in use. Powered idle electrical equipment wastes energy, reduces equipment lifespan and creates a potential fire risk. The new AVC014 IntelliPlug can automatically isolate your equipment as soon as you finish using your master device, a television, amplifier or desktop computer. In fact, any equipment where a master and slave relationship exists. Automatic calibration means no complicated set up but for advanced users a specific threshold can be set using a Windows PC together with our optional customisation cable and software.

Easy Installation

Installation is simple, no complicated software to load. Plug your audio visual or computer equipment as suggested in the diagrams below and enjoy the benefits of peace of mind, energy saving and convenience.






One Million Clicks!

The IntelliPlug is designed to operate for over one million operations which means it should be in continuous service for many years. Independently designed then tested under extreme conditions to exceed British Standards, compliant and certified to all relevant regulations, the AVC014 IntelliPlug is state of the art and should give many years trouble free service.

Commercial Applications

 The AVC014 IntelliPlug is not just for home use. IntelliPlug is used at universities, recording studios, audio visual installation engineers, doctors’ surgeries, and offices. More importantly, some commercial environments use several Master Devices via a trailing socket and lock the threshold via a Windows PC. For more information, please see customisation below.

Join millions of people for whom the IntelliPlug is part of everyday life, saving money, extending equipment life and reducing a potential fire risk.