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Answers to common Intelliplug queries
No, the AVC014 IntelliPlug can be used straight out of the box or paired to a remote control.
Yes, the Power Signature Technology will automatically establish the correct switching point so that when you turn off your MAC power will be denied to all your peripherals.
Electronic components have improved to the extent that the expansion and contraction created by switching on and off does not compromise performance, reduce lifespan or increase wear. In fact, keeping some part of your equipment continuously powered on standby can prematurely age those active components. the AVC014 IntelliPlug isolates the mains, saves energy and eliminates a fire risk.
Yes, the AVC014 IntelliPlug senses the rise in current and only switches power to your peripherals when the master device(s) is active. During the 'shut down' process a five second delay allows time for items such as scanners and printers to 'park' before power is switched off.
Items such as PVR’s, modems, fax machines which require power without interruption should connected to the permanent on socket. Always refer to your manufacturers' handbook for any special instructions.
Independent tests indicate that the IntelliPlug should operate for approximately 1 million operations.
The IntelliPlug has a multiplicity of applications, which include, for example, desk top and laptop computers, audio/visual links in home cinema and hi fi, to professional applications in TV, cinema and sound production, where power links between multi-media equipment can benefit from automatic management of power resources. IntelliPlug can be used for almost anything where the action of a master device determines that power need to be applied to peripheral equipment.
Under no circumstances can the AVC014 IntelliPlug damage your equipment.
In very few instances, some peripherals have soft switches, which automatically default to off in the event of a power cut.
Please ensure that you have connected the Intelligent Mains Panel according to the instruction manual.
Unplug the IntelliPlug from the mains, wait 2 minutes and re-install. Please check that all plugs are correctly seated in the sockets and ensure that the master device is connected to the Master Socket. If this does not solve the problem, please return the IntelliPlug to the retailer for an exchange. If purchased from our web-site please contact us via the email link below, we will respond and advise how to proceed using our no-quibble guarantee/exchange service.
Some printers are fitted with a special 'soft off' power switch that automatically defaults to the ‘off’ position when power is denied. Simply switch the power button 'on' when you are ready to use the printer. Please note that the IntelliPlug switches power to the peripherals, it cannot physically switch each individual unit manually.
Unplug the IntelliPlug, wait 2 minutes and re-install. If this does not solve the problem please contact One Click Technologies as indicated below.
USB hubs are connected to the USB socket of the computer. These sockets are permanently powered and so may cause the LED's to illuminate. This is not a fault of the AVC014 IntelliPlug.
In some cases there may be residual power in your system which takes a little time to dissipate. Alternatively your equipment could be downloading software. Eventually, the LED's should extinguish.
The AVC014 IntelliPlug is designed to operate with laptop and desktop computers.
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