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Convenient Energy Saving & Control

Clusters of electrical equipment such as a television coupled to an audio visual sound system, or peripheral equipment connected to a computer can waste energy in a number of different ways. Equipment permanently connected to the mains is also a potential fire hazard but how is this possible? Software malfunction, component failure or an error in design are considerations but the real issue is that the little red standby light reveals absolutely nothing.

Switch a television off via the remote control and immediately the green LED is replaced by the red. This is supposed to indicate standby. In most cases the equipment could be in the middle of a number of different actions and should eventually get to standby, but this is not always the result.

The European Directive on Climate Change introduced low standby targets for almost every conceivable piece of equipment that has a standby mode. Most of the tests confirm that this type of equipment has a strategy that, should internal software operate as prescribed, will step down to a low power state. But what happens when the internal software stops working properly? You think your equipment is in standby but it could be using far more power than the little red light suggests.

This issue became evident whilst testing several used flat screen televisions that lost the ability to reach true standby. Our test equipment demonstrated that the televisions remained active and used far more power than it should. Once power cycled, internal software regained integrity but deteriorated over time.

We followed through with numerous different experiments across a wide number of televisions and other electrical equipment to arrive at the conclusion that standby does not mean standby. Equipment can hang in a high power state for an indeterminate period of time.

The case for isolating and power cycling equipment from the mains is overwhelming. Unlike computers or mobile telephones where software faults or bugs could be self-evident, a fault in the switching strategy of most household equipment is not so easily identified.

The solution is simple. The AVC014 IntelliPlug will automatically isolate your equipment when not in use and supply power when you need it.


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