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IntelliPlug Eliminates Fire Risk

Equipment connected to the mains automatically creates a potential fire hazard.

In most homes there are 2 clusters of equipment:

  • Computer connected to peripherals such as speakers, monitors, sub-woofers, printers, and scanners.
  • Television connected to a home cinema amplifier, sub-woofer, DVD player and sound bar.

Did you know that most manufacturers recommend that televisions are not permanently left on standby but switched off via a hard switch on the television, or isolated from the mains when not in use?

Modern televisions have separate power supplies, the black box that sits between the 3 pin plug and the television. Our research found that in most cases this was left sitting on the carpet gathering dust. We have witnessed these types of power supply after they have overheated, melted and almost caught fire.

Television components have been known to fail and cause a fire but do not take our word for it, simply google televisions catching fire and a list of reported incidents become evident.

Remember, isolating equipment from the mains when not in use, especially at night time, could save your life.

IntelliPlug works behind the scenes to isolate your equipment every time you are not using it.

It can even automatically switch your television and connected equipment off should you forget to turn it off before going to bed.

For more details see Switch Off Timer.

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