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IntelliPlug can extend the life of your equipment

An AC Power Supply Unit (PSU) is the part of your equipment which takes power from the mains socket and lowers it to the appropriate voltage for its application.

The PSU together with a standby control board remains active and uses power when your equipment is operational. It continues to use power when you have switched the equipment off into standby.

The PSU and standby control board are likely to age and deteriorate faster than other parts of your equipment that have been switched off.

The cost of replacing an internal PSU can be expensive. Original external PSU's are less expensive but alternatives manufactured by a 3rd party can be cheaper and seem like a bargain. Caution, confidence in a 3rd party replacement should always be questioned. Components could be of a lower quality and the integrity of plastic case surrounding the electronics could be inferior inviting a toxic combination of smoke and fire into your environment.

If safety issues are not of concern then the cost of replacing a standby control board can be prohibitive. The expense increases if the standby control broad is part of the main printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) that drives your device, a practice that is becoming more prevalent in the manufacture of electrical equipment. In this scenario it is likely that the equipment would be beyond economical repair.

IntelliPlug cannot prevent equipment from breaking down but can act as a balancing tool to ensure that when your equipment is off, it’s all totally off, and parts of your equipment are not prematurely ageing.

IntelliPlug can extend the life of your equipment, save energy and save money.



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