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Power Signature Technology

Every piece of equipment has an inherent power signature.

The AVC014 IntelliPlug is able to read the power signature of your television, amplifier or computer (Master Device) to determine an appropriate switch off point to isolate your equipment when not in use.

Modern televisions, for example, contain complex software that determine functions such as downloading software, activating a Wi-fi connection, updating the electronic programming guide or obtaining usage data. This can be initiated many times without your knowledge. You think your television is off but the little red light on your television is not capable of giving you all the information to determine whether true standby has been achieved.

Internal software or components can develop faults, causing the television to remain in a semi-active state for a long time, drawing more power than necessary.

Power Signature technology identifies the appropriate point to deny power from your television. The IntelliPlug identifies the power used in standby mode and dynamically sets a threshold. Only when this threshold is breached the power to your television is switched off. If the television is downloading software when you switch it into standby, the IntelliPlug will delay switching the power off until this action is complete and power returns to the quiescent level.

Isolating power and then switching it on when required initiates the software of connected equipment from the base level. This boots the internal software potentially clearing bugs which may have developed.

Isolating power from your equipment when not is use can extend the life of your equipment.

Isolating power from your equipment eliminates a potential fire risk.

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