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Switch Off Timer

The Remote Sensor on the AVC014 IntelliPlug can monitor infra-red activity from the televisions' remote control to determine whether it has been used during a pre-selected period of 1,2,3 or 4 hours.

If the Remote Sensor does not register activity from the paired remote control during a pre-selected period, the IntelliPlug will extinguish power from the Master Device (for example, a television) and equipment connected to the Slave outlet of the AVC014 IntelliPlug. Detection of remote activity automatically re-sets the timer to the pre-selected period.

A warning LED flashes from the remote sensor approximately 5 minutes before the television is placed into standby and then switched off.

Fallen asleep in front of the television? Forgot to turn it off? IntelliPlug takes command to ensure your equipment is off, isolated from the mains, saving energy and eliminating a potential fire risk.

The Switch Off Timer facility is easy to activate from the Remote Sensor.

For multiple or bespoke installations, the optional AVCP01 Customisation Cable and Windows compatible software can be used for fast programming. For comprehensive details please see AVC014 Manual.


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