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Discontinued Model Information, Software and Manuals

One Click products are warranted for 12 months from date of purchase. This policy is designed to protect the purchaser against a manufacturing defect that becomes apparent within the initial bedding in period, when any issues should become evident. Our statistical analysis indicates an extremely low failure rate of less than 200 parts per million sold. We are confident the IntelliPlug is a seriously robust product.

This warranty is operated by One Click for purchases made directly from this website and subject to our normal terms and conditions of sale. Items purchased from authorised third party resellers agree to operate the same warranty undertaking and are supported by One Click to exchange or refund as appropriate.

We do not offer support for purchases made from unauthorised resellers whether new or second hand. We have no idea how they have been obtained, stored or handled. Some items have been sold into the market as distressed stock where the original reseller may have gone into liquidation. In many instances the discounted obsolete stock is sold at a fraction of the original cost price.

Purchasing obsolete IntelliPlugs or IntelliPanels through a third party without warranty may seem like a bargain, but it certainly isn’t.

Electrical components develop and improve over time, the Intelligent range of products is no exception. The latest Full Range Automatic Calibration system in the AVC014 IntelliPlug is technically superior to the preceding range in every aspect. It benefits from a state of the art chipset, updated electronics and new software. It automatically adapts to the evolving environment of connected devices in a manner that was previously impossible. The AVC014 offers many years of trouble free service.

We believe our discontinued model policy is both fair and reasonable. For clarity, the following models are treated as out of warranty, discontinued and no longer supported by One Click.

  • Intelligent Mains Panel Model Number P6NFOC (Manufactured Circa 2003)
  • Intelligent Mains Panel Model Number P7NFOC (Manufactured Circa 2005)
  • IntelliPlug Model Numbers: DSK105, USB105, TVA106, PowerDown (Manufactured Circa 2006 to 2010)
  • IntelliPanel Model Numbers: CSIMP205, TVAIMP205, TVAIMP206, USBIMP205, CSIMP205 2 BEL. (Manufactured Circa 2008 to 2010)


To appreciate the advances of the AVC014 IntelliPlug over the above listed models, please read our model comparison chart.

  IntelliPlug AVC 014 Earlier Models
Full Range Auto Calibration    Limited Narrow Auto Calibration Range2
Near Meter Reading Accuracy    
Optional Manual Adjustment1    
Use Definable Manual Threshold1    
Multiple Configuration    
Accept 2 Remote Control Devices    
Power Usage Display1    
Adjustable Timer for Shutdown1    


*1 Requires optional AVCP01 Customisation & Calibration Software & Cable and Windows based computer. Please click here to download a copy of the manual to obtain a greater understanding of the options.

*2 The original limited narrow Auto Calibration software of prior models may not be wide enough to support current televisions, computers, amplifiers and associated equipment.

Discontinued Model Manuals and Software

All manuals are in PDF or ZIP format. Click the link to download.






  •  Correspondence and Returns address:
  • One Click Technologies Limited
    PO Box 10533
    NG24 9NS