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Warranty Registration


One Click no longer accepts warranty registrations for the following products:

  • Intelligent Mains Panel Model Number P6NFOC (Circa 2003)
  • Intelligent Mains Panel Model Number P7NFOC (Circa 2005)
  • IntelliPlug Model Numbers: DSK105, USB105, TVA106, PowerDown (Circa 2006 to 2010)
  • IntelliPanel Model Numbers: CSIMP205, TVAIMP205, TVAIMP206, USBIMP205, CSIMP205 2 BEL. (Circa 2008 to 2010)
  • IntelliPlug Model Number AVC014: Warranty is automatically registered when purchased from this site. Should you purchase through a third party contact the seller directly.

For more information please go to Discontinued Model Information

  •  Correspondence and Returns address:
  • One Click Technologies Limited
    PO Box 10533
    NG24 9NS